Mission and Values

River Church is a community full of energy and life. It is a place for you to explore and grow in the Christian faith and serve in a way that makes a real difference.

Three Core Values guide us

  • LOVE like Jesus Loves
  • GROW deeper in faith
  • SERVE God and others

Our worship services are filled with inspiring, relevant and Biblically-based preaching, complemented by quality worship music. Our heart is for the community and we are always reaching out to the Westbank and beyond with the love of Jesus Christ.

You will find River Church is a vibrant community of Believers with a passion for growth, worship and service.  Why not join us to find your place and be part of Connecting others to Jesus Christ and Others.  

Our Vision                                

Our aim is to help you take the next step in your faith journey with Jesus Christ. First, we want you to know God personally. If you have never been a part of a Christian community before, or if you have never placed your trust in Jesus – we want to help you take this step. Second, we want to help you find freedom from strongholds in your life that prevent you from being who God has designed you to be. Then we want to help you discover your purpose. Fourthly, we want you to make a difference through service.  If you have never served others in your community, we definitely want to help you do that. If you have never explored the Bible, or the depth of worship and prayer, our goal is to give you a place and other people to help you do this.

We do this in an approachable, light-spirited way. River Church is a relatively small church right now, but people connect to one another in classes and small groups, in worship, during social events and in opportunities for service, so it is difficult to get lost in the shuffle of people. You will be known and loved at River Church, and invited to share who you are with the church and the world as together we work towards our mission of seeing lives changed for Jesus Christ.